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Open your life to new possibilities, healing, and joy. Journey to wherever you need to go, and be met where you are with compassion and acceptance.In her practice, Arden Fekett creates a therapeutic space with a healing experience designed especially for you.Talking therapy and discussion with Arden are sometimes accompanied by the creative arts therapies such as art, music, writing and drama.

Through your therapy experience you will find new ways to enrich and reimagine your life experience.

Arden has experience helping people with:

  • Overcoming the struggles that come with Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Closeness and relationships
  • The dilemmas that come with Parenthood
  • Expected and unexpected loss and Grief
  • Life changes and seeking new possibilities and routes toward self-expression
  • The challenges of Adolescence
  • Discovering Creativity
  • Life on the spectrum, especially those with Asperger’s
  • Individual, Couple, and Group Therapies for Families, Children, and Adults

Be truly seen and truly heard. Individual counseling, couples therapy, and special groups are available for those of all ages.

“I can say that I want more than anything to be a part of people living life to its fullest, accepting, expressing and loving themselves, delighting in all they can create, opening their hearts to and receiving others, and awakening to the world with a sense of wonder.” – Arden Fekett

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Arden Fekett, MPS, LCAT

Arden Fekett, MPS, LCAT

Is proud to announce the growth of her practice as a Psychoanalytic and Multifaceted Psychotherapist In Merrick, LI. Individual, group, and family therapy, and special therapeutic groups are offered. Arden is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and psychotherapist with extensive education and practice in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Arden received her Bachelor’s Degree at the State University of New York at Binghamton in Literature and Creative Writing. She received her master’s degree at Pratt Institute in Art Therapy and Creativity Development, and post-graduate work at the Institute for Expressive Analysis in NYC. Her work experience includes Kings County Medical Center, Boerum Hill Rehabilitation Day Hospital in Brooklyn, Manhattan Psychiatric Center(long-term in-patient), Metropolitan Hospital Center (short-term in-patient and day hospital, out-patient), and the Pratt Clinic, as well as Private practice.
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"I'm so grateful to arrden- since seeing her my family is not the same, we are so much more paceful ,so much happier."

T Client

"Arden has been with me and my family for years, and we have come to trust her like no one else. She has been our support through so many times, and my childerans and I are better and strongr because she has been there."

R Client

In working with Arden I was helped by her profound empathy, caring, and interest in other people

A David
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Tell me about your life mission?

It’s been I feel at its very core to express and help others express their humanity. From an early age I felt very deeply that an acceptance of the full range of our emotions brings with it the freedom to feel fully alive and to be connected to other people. Really we all hunger to be seen for who we are, and to be heard truly. It is wonderful as we grow to have that experience giving us the confidence and to be free to experience the world, living as people who can see and hear others¸really connected to each other. Too often and to different extents people have not had enough of this acknowledgment of the wonder of who they are, and the example of how listen to and love others. Too often we feel lonely, isolated, yearning for a sense of community, yearning also for that spark of life that lies deep within us. We take on the pronouncements of others concerning our gifts, their perceived presence and their absence and lacks. We get stifled and believed that we are not worthy to try out our secret dreams, or to dream at all. We feel poorly about ourselves too, and we feel afraid to connect with others, depending on our early experiences. Each of us is unique, like a snowflake, precious and like no other, our own look, speech, talents, voice, feelings and dreams. Each of us is amazing and capable of experiencing love and being loved, and celebrating life at its fullest. Life presents us with so many opportunities that we may embrace, and we can dance with delight as we experience these. As for the many challenges that we mayfear even in these difficult times we may experience the richness of our inner life. Putting it together I suppose I can say that I want more than anything to be a part of people living life to its fullest, accepting, expressing and loving themselves, delighting in all they can create, opening their hearts to and receiving others, and awakening to the world with a sense of wonder.

What have you done so far to see this life mission through to fruition?

As a child I remember directing my cousins in plays, all kinds, certainly I enjoyed being in them but it was the overall sense of us being together and playing out this story that connected us, and even then, somehow watching them create something for themselves in what they were doing that gave me a great happiness. I was always gathering friends, to talk about feelings and beliefs and we would make up stories to express our ideas, feelings. Later on as a young mother I would do the same, with my children and their friends, although it was my children who would be director and I would be the producer, and what a hoot seeing them put on mysteries and all sorts of plays. In college my major was in English and Creative writing, and I have been a writer of prose, petry and drama. I studied writing the broadway music with Aaron Frankel and singing for musical theater, and I use these skills in my theateric therapy groups, as peolecrete stories through song and words. I became a creative arts therapist, specializing in art therapy, but have brought my knowledge of theater as actor, director and singer to this in therapeutic settings and in theater settings to foster health, self-esteem, self-discovery,, untapped creativity and community. I directed plays for community, one of them, the Man of La Mancha, and in it my mission was to have each actor shine each person equal as a total piece about the sacredness of the freedom of human expression, and in putting together my own skills as actor, director, singer as well, a joyful community was made. I became a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, studieying at an institute in NYC, and worked as an art therapist in long term , short term and day hospital settings, being present to the various needs of people in each of the settings, all struggling to feel settled, to feel better, to live. As a team member on a hospital ward and day hospital working with other professionals making treatment plans, creating groups of my own and with dance and music therapists for diagnoses and for healing, I utilized this learning. I have taught art, studied spiritual paths in many traditions that provide a depth and richness in our human experience and support. And wisdom. In a counseling center as well as in private practice I have been with people as a supportive therapist, used deep therapies, dreams, art music, worked with children, teens, couples and families . I have been a guest on the radio program Music is therapy with Larry Carlson many times discussion the power and wonder of the arts as a celebration of life and a tool for healing nad self-expreseeion. At an enourmously proud and wondrous time friends in the arts and healers of all kinds gather with me as I created my Artists Initiative for Hope and Prosperity- two disctict all day events celebrating who we are and how we can support us, artists all, as we share our gifts-poets, musicians, singers, artists, actors, comics, dancers, radio hosts, and more, and generate the hope that would ultimately lead to our prosperity. This was at the time of our country’s great financial crisis.

What product or service do you offer that serves the Natural Awakened reader?

I am offering individual, group, couples, and family psychotherapy, and often can blend the elements of creative arts therapy in these. I give talks and workships on Your Creative Self:Overcoming Blocks to the Effective Use of Imagination. I have long term special experience working with children, with teens and with adults. I have Specially designed groups such as Theater for Life, one for teens and one for adults, using the dramatic arts as an element of self discovery and connection. New groups emerging are The Art Experience, Writing Your Life, Art and Nature, Sweet Dreams(for those who have trouble sleeping) and Journey to Serenity (adding a special one for winter afternoon teas)

What is something you feel you can bring to the Natural Awakened Reader?

I know that I can bring a really eclectic approach to psychotherapy, and can meet people where they are. In my training, and in the deepest sense of what I feel I need to be for people is to be respectful of where they truly are. In a truly supportive, safe, space people can explore anything at all, be whoever and however they are, and from there journey where they need to go. I will be there with them. My masters degree says art therapy and creativity development, alongside of my presence as healer is this element that if you would like to enter into a realm of self0expression or endeavor you have been afraid to try, I will be at your side, as you explore new worlds of possibility.

Is there anything else you would like the reader to know about you?

I’ve noticed lately more and more how I forget to pause and look up at the sky, at the world of nature. I forget that in the stress of life, there is this world around me that I am a part of. It is my heartfelt wish that if you haven’t experienced it lately you will be able to enjoy the sight of that sky, as a pause in whatever may be happening for you, and that you will discover the wonder that is within as well as around you. One of my favorite quotes is from Jane Eyre by Emily Bronte “The Human heart has hidden treasures” If you have any questions I would be so happy to hear from you, love to speak to you.


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